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Getting visibility on Instagram can be challenging. The right set of hashtags needs to be used.

It takes quite some time of research, and sometimes luck, to find the correct mix.

What if this could be made easier?

Our hashtag research tool finds specific hashtags relevant to your campaigns,

by analyzing the content of the top performing posts.


Increase the ROI of your content strategy

Save time to focus on creativity

Super easy to use

  1. Search one topic hashtag.
  2. Get groups of connected hashtags found in the top performing posts.
  3. Pick combinations of hashtags for each of your posts.

illustration of hashtag research


TagPlan finds the hashtags relevant to your campaign by analyzing the top instagram posts related to your topic(s) of interest. You are then able to pick combinations of hashtags to use in each of your posts.

Tagplan is a service offered by Mango Information Systems, Belgian company specialized in Data Science / Business Intelligence. We help businesses with their data integration and analytics problems, making sure that both technology and processes are streamlined.

Privacy friendly

Using tagPlan requires to connect via a facebook account linked to an Instagram creator or business account, as per facebook requirements.

The following data is extracted from facebook API on your behalf:

  • Top posts related to a given hashtag
  • Your facebook user name
  • Technical Ids necessary to connect.

Contact to request access, modification or deletion of your account data.


Feedback and feature requests are welcome, send us a message.