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How well do your Instagram campaigns perform?

To reach your audience, you must use highly relevant hashtags .

Planning Instagram campaigns with Tagplan will not only let you reach more people, but aim at qualified niches.

Tagplan finds up to 200 top hashtags in less than a minute for your campaign. You'll save a lot of time, and get much better results than with manual hashtag research.

Gain in quality and save time

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Hashtag research

Type in the topic(s) of your next campaign, wait just a little, and boom, voilà, you get the 200 hashtags found the most frequently inside Instagram's top 500 posts.

Then all you have to do is pick the most relevant tags from the list for each of your post, and you're ready to give a powerful organic boost to your reach.

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Compose posts Coming soon

With Tagplan, plan ahead and create lists of hashtags for each of your campaign's posts in a few clicks.

Copy/paste in your favourite post scheduling tool or directly in Instagram.

Screenshot of a graph analysis report for plasticfree topic

Hashtags Graph Coming soon

Graph analysis shows how some hashtags are frequently used together.

This natural grouping by topic gives a fine-grained view about your niche's specific interests.



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portrait of Mehdi El Fadil

TagPlan was imagined and created by Mehdi El Fadil, a tech entrepreneurs specialized in data analysis.

Experiencing difficulties to gain reach on some Instagram campaigns, then having to spend quite some time and effort to perform hashtag research, he realized that automation could provide better results in less time.

Indeed, Facebook / Instagram provides the text of the top posts containing a hashtag via their API. This content can be analyzed in order to identify the hashtags associated with highly visible posts.

Tagplan should be very simple and user-friendly tool, just doing the job to save time to its users.

Feedback and feature requests are welcome, send us a message.

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